My name is Lot Vermeer. I founded my company Elfi Toys in 2005. Initially we created and designed children's toys and furniture. Recently the focus has shifted to also include designing and producing furniture and gift items, with a playful and innovative character, for the adult market.

We frequently work on commission and are experienced in design development, problem solving and creating ideas and products to specified request.

From the beginning of the creative process to the realization of a feasible product at Elfi Toys you are at the right address.
We are experienced in "CE Marking", patenting and equipment resources.

In practice it's been our experience that clear and concise communication is essential to good team interaction. Elfi Toys is proud of her flexibility and her resources. We enjoy sharing inspiration, exchanging ideas and the sense of achievement that comes from working together on the realization of a new challenge.

Obviously our vision is one of corporate social responsibility.